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I love Holland, they are always there for us no matter what. I can call the shop if I have a problem with the truck or the trailer, and they're always on the other end to help me through any problem I have. Their maintenance program is second to none, they're always looking at their trailers or their trucks when they come into the yard. They want to make sure anything that is wrong is taking care of right there, so the driver doesn't break down on the road. The trucks are awesome... like you can't get any better trucks and all the amenities. We get satellite TV, excellent satellite radio... they even put a TV in my truck, which is a first for me! The orientation is 3 days and you're out on the road. Two days of classroom instruction. One day of getting acquainted with your truck, getting you logged into your logbook, going through on how to do the logging, then it's on the road. You're hauling freight we go east coast to West coast and it's just awesome out here, I love this company. - Roger M. - New hire testimonial

I appreciate that Holland recognizes drivers for their milestones (safety, mileage and longevity). I do not feel like I am micromanaged. Repairs are done in a timely manner. Health insurance is paid 100% by Holland after 2 years. This driver reached 250,000 miles in 2 years. - David Reid - Driver since 2019

Holland is the best company that takes great care of their drivers and also take great care of the drivers family too... I know they have helped us a few time in the last 9 years. And I don't even drive for them. So THANK YOU HOLLAND ENTERPRISES! - Melody G. - wife of 10 year driver

Equipment is awesome. Trucks are new, they have satellite TVs, XM radio…..all the perks that come with the truck are awesome. Mileage is awesome. Family atmosphere - Jimmy Milliorn - Driver since 2017 - 4 year Safe Driving Award

Been with Holland over 10 years. They do not bother you if you are doing your job right. Great company good miles, great people, family oriented. They do take care of the driver. That's my story and am sticking to it! - Earl G. - 13 years

Tired of no miles and constant hassles? Come join us and be treated like the professional you are!

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